CCW Corner Please join us. Together we will grow.

Just a Reminder

Many of our parishioners are getting rid of their land lines and opting for cell phones. Great! But the church also needs to be updated of those changes.
Please call the parish office (320-274-8828 ext. 21) or Pam Petersen (320-274-8074) and leave a message with your name, the number where
you can be reached and any other changes in your contact information.
Thank you. Communication is one of the keys to growth!

We were invited to this year’s Vacation Bible School to help the youth tie quilts that will be sent in boxes for the Appalachian Mission. We were thrilled to be a small part of this wonderful program for our children of St. Ignatius. It was so inspiring to see the students learn how Jesus works in their lives.
St. Ignatius Council of Catholic Women quarterly meeting
Thursday, October. 4, 6:30
We will share upcoming project ideas and make final plans for the Christ Child Luncheon.
The program will be to finish learning about our parish windows.
Northwest Deanery Council of Catholic Women Fall Gathering:
Held at St. Henry’s in Monticello - Thursday, Octtober 11, 5:00-8:00
Discussions will be on Plastic Mat Project, Kitui Girl’s Dormitory Project and human trafficking.
Please call Pam Petersen if you are able to attend. 274-8074
Christ Child Luncheon
Friday, December 7
Keep working on those craft projects!
We have a Facebook page!   Search: St. Ignatius CCW for updates and invite other
women of our parish! 
Maybe we can all become connected on Facebook!