CCW Corner

Please join us. Together we will grow.
Happy New Year!
You are appreciated! Your generous willingness to bring treats or work at Parish events, help with funerals, Care Center Rosary and birthday celebrations, participate or donate in Share your Christmas, Appalachia Mission, Meals on Wheels, or Christ Child Luncheon… Thank you for supporting these CCW sponsored activities.   We also know that much of what you do goes unnoticed, so this is an opportunity to thank you for being a treasure of St. Ignatius. We understand that you can’t be in all places at one time, but come and be a part of the whole when you are able; and when you are not able, say a prayer for those that can be there to actively participate!  We need each other to grow.

At our January meeting, we heard summaries of the Share your Christmas program, Appalachian Mission and the Christ Child Luncheon.  The Christ Child Luncheon had a profit of $2651.06.  This fundraiser’s profits were divided between Dakota Woodlands, MCCL and Birthline. 

Wishes were expressed to have more social events to better become acquainted with one another.  A social/thank you Council of Catholic Women event will take place on Sunday, April 15. Attendees will go to 10:30 mass, enjoy a delicious lunch served downstairs, relax on coach bus transportation to and from event and attend the theater production of “On Golden Pond”.   Watch for further details!

A highlight of the meeting was our guest speaker, Ric Fournier, who shared information about FORMED. This on-line resource is for St. Ignatius parishioners of all ages and contains quality books, stories, lectures and videos relevant to our Catholic Faith.  FORMED offers an opportunity to grow in the Catholic faith…on demand!   More details coming!
Upcoming Events:

January 22: March For Life - Sign up in Gathering Space

February 22: Legislative Day- Sign up in Gathering Space

April 15:  CCW Social Event On Golden Pond

April 21-22: ACCW Spring Convention- St. Michael’s in Stillwater

As a member of St Ignatius, every woman is invited to attend the quarterly meetings.   Please put these dates on your calendars! January 4, April 5, July 5, and October 4, at 6:30.  The meeting will last for 1 hour and will include a short meeting, some socialization, some education and some prayer.  

We have a Facebook page!   Search: St. Ignatius CCW for updates and invite other women of our parish! 
Maybe we can all become connected on Facebook! 
Please join us. Together we will grow.

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