Upcoming Events:

•• CCW meeting: Thursday, July 12 at 6:30. We will discuss upcoming
events, hear a bit of history, share a story or two and have some fun!

• Pam Peterson and Kathy Schultz attended the ACCW Convention and  6 proposals were dicussed.
1. Pray each day for our country
2. Better understand the issues  surrounding human rights
3. Pray for return of Catholics to their church
4. Educate each other on legislative issues
5. Participate in mentorshop programs
6. Support ACCW dormitory projects in Africa

• We are putting together a Think Tank Committee
 This committee will help us narrow down suggestions and ideas for our future CCW as to provide a way to support the gifts, talents and needs of the women of our parish.  Our goal is to connect women with similar interests, be it in an area of study, crafts, raising a family with Catholics values, etc. This could be a once-a-month connection or a one-time opportunity.  We welcome suggestions and ideas.

**There will be a Christmas tree display during this event giving inspiration to our parishioners to think about craft ideas to donate at our Christ Child Luncheon. Some women have already started creating projects for our additional room Santa's Workshop.

As a member of St Ignatius, every woman is invited to attend the quarterly meetings.   Please put these dates on your calendars!
July 5, and October 4, at 6:30.  The meeting will last for 1 hour and will include a short meeting, some socialization, some education and some prayer.  

We have a Facebook page!   Search: St. Ignatius CCW for updates and invite other women of our parish! 
Maybe we can all become connected on Facebook! 


Please join us. Together we will grow.

CCW Corner Please join us. Together we will grow.