CCW Corner Please join us. Together we will grow.

Just a Reminder

Many of our parishioners are getting rid of their land lines and opting for cell phones. Great! But the church also needs to be updated of those changes.
Please call the parish office (320-274-8828 ext. 21) or Pam Petersen (320-274-8074) and leave a message with your name, the number where
you can be reached and any other changes in your contact information.
Thank you. Communication is one of the keys to growth!

Thank you to the members of St. Ignatius that made the 2018 Christ
Child Luncheon so perfect. It was absolutely beautiful with many new
decorations and the dishes, sweets and crafts were wonderful. We served
over 300 guests. What a grand community. Thank you for you! All that
you do, you do in God's glory.

•  Thursday, Jan. 3: CCW meeting in Gathering Space 6:30
We will re-cap Christ Child Luncheon and share God stories
• Tuesday, Jan. 22: MCCL March for Life at St. Paul Cathedral
• Tuesday, Feb. 19: Catholics at the Capitol
• Friday & Saturday, May 3-4: ACCW Convention in Eagan
We have a Facebook page!   Search: St. Ignatius CCW for updates and invite other
women of our parish! 
Maybe we can all become connected on Facebook!