COVID -19 Precautions at St. Ignatius
To try to keep those who come to St. Ignatius healthy as possible, here is what we are doing here at St. Ignatius:
1. Prayers for those affected during these challenging times.
2. Youth Faith Formation/Youth Group: resume in the future (families are being
   provided home-based activities)
3. Hymnals, etc.: all have been removed from the pews
4. Disinfect Pews: a wipe-down of each pew after each Sunday Mass
5. Adult groups (Monday evening/Wednesday morning): resume in the future.
6. Homebound parishioners (including Care Center): all regular visits will resume
   in the future.
7. “Social Distance”: everyone coming (congregation, choir, altar servers, lector,
etc.) are being asked to maintain the CDC’s recommended “social distance”
8. Hand shaking/Sign of Peace: resume in the future
Please Archbishop Hebda’s dispensation: (see message from Fr. Meyer)

COVID -19 Protecting Ourselves
Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is mostly common sense and much like avoiding the seasonal winter flu.
1.Wash your hands frequently, use warm water & soap and wash for a minimum
of 20 seconds, sing Happy Birthday to mark the time.
2. Keep your hands away from your face, even if you’ve just washed your hands.
3. Cover your mouth & nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and then
throw the tissue away.
3. Disinfect surfaces in your environment frequently, such as countertops and
4. When you go out, take a pack of antiseptic wipes to wet down grocery cart
   handles. If you don’t have one, put hand sanitizer on your palms and wet the
   cart handle.
5. Never share cups, plates or anything else with others.
6. If you have to be out in public, keep your distance. Avoid shaking hands.
7. If you feel sick, stay home, call the doctor’s office and explain your symptoms.
8. If they want you to come in there may be a special entrance for you to use to
   keep from spreading germs to others.
9. Get enough sleep, eat well and keep your stress down. All of these affect your
   immune system.