Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Check out the newest addition to the
CGS Atrium, “The Good Shepherd” in clay. The students will learn about different times in the life of Jesus. When we do this work, we must use 3-dimensional figures, made of clay, to tell ANY story about Jesus. During training I met a woman from Iowa who creates these figures. We have many sets we need to purchase. She is beginning the sets and I am asking parishioners to sponsor these new figures. More information on the needed sets and envelopes for donations are on the CGS table in the gathering space. Thank you to everyone who has donated items or cash, we have received some wonderful donations. We will display items as they arrive. Everyone seems very interested and supportive of our new program. I have updated the list of items needed below, please take a peek! 
Reminder:  it is our hopes that all materials in the Atrium will be made of natural materials, trying to stay away from plastic. We have our calligraphers and seamstress busy working. We are still in need of a wood worker if you or someone you know enjoys wood working please let me know.  We are so thankful for our generous and supportive parishioners. Below is an updated list for our thrift shoppers.
• Art work to decorate walls, pictures of Mary, Jesus, the Last Supper, the Nativity etc
• Many baskets with flat bottoms and no handles, no wider than about 11 inches, must fit on book shelves, can    be any length.
• Many trays of different sizes, no wider than about 11 inches, must fit on book shelves, can be any length.
   Should be made of metal, glass, pewter, wood, stone, etc.
• 12 vinyl working mats - such as large placemats that can be wiped off easily and rolled up when done        neutral designs
• Napkin rings, again wood or glass some natural material
• Doilies-all sizes, white, and liturgical colors if possible
Who should be a Catechist? 
A good listener, someone with a desire to grow in and to share our faith, lover of children, generous, kind, someone in love with Jesus and wants others to be in love with Jesus.  Are you being called? We are in need of volunteers for the 2016-17 Faith Formation year please contact Mary (274-8828 ext. 24) for more details.

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