Father's Weekly Message

Divine Mercy Sunday

  Today the Church all over the world celebrates the Divine Mercy Sunday.
The Catholic Church is very rich with many devotions, and of all these one
of the growing and popular devotions is the devotion to the Divine Mercy.
What is Divine Mercy Sunday and what is its origin in the Church?
God’s love and mercy are poured out in creating us in His own image, in
redeeming us with the blood of His Son and in sanctifying us with His Holy
Spirit. Jesus proclaimed the gospel of infinite mercy to sinners which
brings them forgiveness. Every miracle that Jesus performed shows that His
mercy is infinite.
The devotion to the Divine Mercy commenced with the mission entrusted
to Saint Faustina, who was born on the 25th August, 1905 in Poland. Our
Lord asked Sister Faustina to pray and to work to have established a feast of
the Divine Mercy on the Sunday after Easter. This would be a day of total
forgiveness of sins for those who approach the Eucharist and the Sacrament
of Reconciliation. It would be an annual celebration like the day of Atonement.
All sins and punishment would be washed away in his infinite mercy.
Jesus asked that Sister Faustina have an image painted according to the pattern
she saw and stated that this would be a vessel to draw mercy from the
infinite ocean of His mercy. This image is of Jesus coming toward us with
His right hand raised in blessing and His left hand touching His garment at
the bosom in the area of the heart where two great rays of light shine forth,
one red and the other pale. He is dressed in a white garment and is radiant
with light. This image is an icon of Jesus as Eternal High Priest; dressed in
the white robes of the priest; coming with His hands raised in blessing,
coming with salvation for those who await Him, coming with the gifts of
His life-giving water, blood and Spirit. This icon presents three scenes from
the scripture. The obvious scene is that of Ester Sunday night when Jesus
appeared in the upper room. The second scene is Calvary. From His pierced
side, blood and water flow out as a fount of mercy for us. The third scene is
Jesus as the Eternal high Priest, dressed in the white linen of the priest.
Jesus, our High Priest, was offered once to take away the sins of many; He
will appear a second time to bring salvation to those who eagerly await
Him; He will come to bring the culmination of mercy to those who await

Family Rules
Always Be Honest  Proverbs 12:22
Count Your Blessing  Psalms 34:1-3
Keep Your Promises  Romans 4:21
Comfort One Another  1 Thessalonians 4:18
and above all...Love One Another  1 Peter 1:22
Be Supportive of one Another  Acts 20:35
Be Kind and Tenderhearted  Ephesians 4:32