The objective of the St. Ignatius Parish Pastoral Council is to support the Pastor by providing counsel as needed for the total ministerial life of the Parish and to represent the parishioners in all areas. Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meetings are held about once a month. Also all PPC members will serve as liaisons to various committees and report back to the Council with an outline available for the Secretary of the events covered at the various committee meetings. The liaison meetings include liturgy, maintenance, personnel, faith formation, and finance. Current PPC members include Bruce Stuhr, Breanna Chapman, Jerry MacMillan, Sam Millner, Peggy Jo Fortner, Bonnie Hoglund and Christopher Groth, Parish Council Youth Intern.  Connie Nelson (Trustee) and Roger Millner (Trustee) attend all PPC meetings. (see contact info: Parish Council Minutes page.)

Communication/Parish Council Secretary
Keeping the parishioners informed and updated on what is happening at St. Ignatius.

Finance Committee 
This committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the church budget with input from the various groups and committees of the church. They report to the St. Ignatius Pastor, Board of Directors and the Parish Council.

Liturgy Committee
The liturgy committee is a body of committed members of the St. Ignatius Parish that serves to care for the liturgical life of the parish community. They are responsible for the planning, preparation, and implementation of all liturgies which includes Sunday services, feast days, and special occasions. The committee is broken into eight ministries including sacristans, altar servers, greeters, lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Music Ministers, Ushers and Environment. Please call the church secretary at 320-274-8828 if interested in joining a ministry.

This committee oversees the church building and grounds and keeps all in good repair and appearance. Safety issues in regard to buildings or grounds and inventory of church items are also addressed by this committee.

Personnel (Chair, Parish Pastoral Council)
All concerns addressing personnel such as hiring, writing job descriptions and other personnel issues are overseen by this committee.

Faith Formation
The Faith Formation Ministry of St. Ignatius is concerned with keeping and nurturing the faith life of the parish community. The ministry is committed to 1) Providing opportunities for spiritual growth on the life of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Ignatius, the saints, and the teachings of the church 2) Offering theological discussions for deeper intellectual and personal insights about Christ and the Church through its teaching, traditions, and moral, social and political issues 3) Make available avenues for community and family oriented activities to help build and reinforce communal and family relations and 4) Raise consciousness on moral, social justice, and other political and world issues relevant to life and growth as well as move to respond to the signs of the times and different social concerns the community is facing.

Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry Ministry of St. Ignatius is concerned with keeping and nurturing the faith life of the youth in our parish community.
This committee is responsible for the St. Ignatius Catholic Cemetery and members are devoted to restoring and grooming the ground for a peaceful burial setting. It is plotted for use and burial can be held there. Cost of each burial plot for parish members if $450. Cost of each burial plot for non-parish members is $750. The cemetery is located at 12201 County Road 37 northwest. For more information, contact John Driste at 320-274-5153 or Mike Laurent at 320-274-1996 or the parish office at 320-274-8828.

St. Ignatius Council of Catholic Women (CCW)
Mission Statement: The Council of Catholic Women acts through its members to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in SPIRITUALITY, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE; responding with the gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.
  The St. Ignatius Council of Catholic Women is a vital part of the Parish of St. Ignatius and is connected to the National, Minneapolis and St. Paul Archdiocesan and Deanery Councils of Catholic Women.  St. Ignatius CCW is the heart of all- where ministries change lives and issues have faces.  The goal of this organization is to provide spiritual growth for the women of our parish and support the goals of the church in family, community, and mission areas.   Every woman belonging to the parish automatically is a member and has access to information from all levels.
  The Council of Catholic Women has divided our ministries under three Commissions-Spirituality, Leadership and Service.  Under these three commissions, we not only continue the ministries that we have been committed to in the past, but find inspiration to search for new opportunity, spiritual growth and education for ourselves and our parish.
  Ministries of CCW include funeral luncheons, donations to local and national programs and organizations including Madonna Plan, Help-a-Child, Covenant House, and Our Lady of Good Counsel Cancer Home. Services are provided locally to Meals on Wheels, Share Your Christmas and coordinating monthly birthday parties at the Annandale Care Center. A weekly rosary schedule at the Annandale Care Center Chapel is also coordinated by the CCW. Annual collections of goods are sent to two Appalachian missions in Kentucky. The highlight of the year is the Christ Child Luncheon, an annual pro-life fund raiser. The dining hall at church is transformed into a beautiful Christmas theme by the talented women of CCW and all proceeds from this event go to pro-life organizations.
  Current officers are: President- Jan Braun, Vice President- Margie Alberg, Secretary- Jessica Chapman,  Treasurer- Lyn Imdieke-Struzyk and Past Presidents:-Pam Petersen, Bonnie Polich.
CCW meetings are held on the first Thursday of the months of January, April, July and October at 6:30 in the Gathering Space.  Please come and connect with the women of our parish.  Together we will grow in Spirituality, Leadership and Service!  For more information call the parish secretary at 320-274-8828.
More information: Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women:
National Council of Catholic Women:

Brighter Day Fund
An on-going parish fund available for person(s) who find themselves in a financial crisis (e.g. emergency rent payment). To apply for funds, contact the parish office. *Please see below for more details.

Heart-to-Heart Sister Parish- St. Vincent Ferrer, Pacuan Phillippines 
Our Sister Parish is St. Vincent Ferrer in Pacuan, Phillipines. Pam Petersen and Mari Arsten are Co-Chairs. See below for photos and information on Heart-to-Heart.

Pastoral Friendship Ministry
We provide home visits, deliver Holy Communion, extend friendship to anyone. Please contact Renee Logeais at 320-274-5745. *Please see below for more details.

Love INC 
St. Ignatius partners withLove Inc., non-profit group that provides services, rides for medical appointments & job interviews, minor car & household repairs, delivery of used furniture & household items. All services are
provided by area church volunteers. If you have a need and live in Annandale, Maple Lake or Buffalo, call the Clearinghouse at 763-682-6820. Volunteers from St. Ignatius are needed, please call 763-682-6820. *Please see below for more details.

Knights of Columbus
The supreme council of organization of Catholic men dedicated to charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism, family life and promoting Catholic education. Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to Catholic men, who are at least 18 years old. For more information call the Al Guck at 320-274-5000.