Heart to Heart Sister Parish Community Minutes

Sunday, June 10, 2018

  I. Opening Prayer/Call meeting to order/ approval of agenda – those present: Pam Petersen, Jessica Magrum, Dianne Mosley, Jen Filek, Dennis & Mari Arfsten, Diane Fournier, Gary Miller
II. Secretary’s report: minutes from 6/10/2018 - approved as written
III. Treasurer’s report: (Jessica) –budget for 2018 was presented and approved by the parish council.  Subcommittee Reports:
IIII. Subcommittee Reports:
    a. Communication: John will email Lilabeth letting her know that we have sent          letters to the Embassy and asked for constituent support from our Congress and          Senators. John will also send a copy of the letter we sent to the Embassy to MR          to print and give copies to Lilabethand Marlou to take with them to the Visa visit.
   Pam will contact Father Victor to get the contact names from the Buffalo Filipino       group.

V. Old Business:
    a. Money route:  This is still not established.
   b. Father Victor will be flying back to the US on August 10th, we would like to         coordinate the flight with them but the timing is most likely too soon.
   c. Letters for Visa: Gary is in contact with Tina Smith, Dennis has sent a letter to       Tom Emmer, Diane has sent a letter to the Embassy (written by Jessica).
VI. New Business 
   a. This fall during the “parish festival” which will be a potluck, we would like to h    ave a Filipino table of food. Breanna Chapman will take this idea to the Council for
VII. Next meeting August 12, 2018
VIII. Motion to adjourn
Vision statement:

The St. Ignatius Sister Parish is a faith-filled community that responds to God’s gifts by sharing their Catholic faith through experiences, resources, communication and prayer in a global commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer in Pacuan, Philippines.


Mission statement:

The parish of St. Ignatius remains open to the solidarity and commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer parish through faith-sharing opportunities, collaboration, and communication. We share the understanding and acceptance of each other’s cultures through these experiences. We seek the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the commitment to nurture this relationship through delegation travel, correspondence, and faith sharing. This participation will contribute to the integration and universality of the Catholic Church.