Heart to Heart Sister Parish Activity Summary for 2017

  Our parish did many things this year with our brothers and sisters from Pacuan,
Philippines. Tab Ashwill and John Tracy represented St. Ignatius at the end of
March on a visit to Pacuan. The parishioners of St. Vincent Ferrer showed their
customary hospitality and the weather was perfect. While Tab and John were there,
water was tested and many of the holding tanks were found to be contaminated.
When John and Tab came home they researched various ways that could provide
the hospital, schools and clinic with filtered water. Twelve filters were sent in boxes along with a few donated baby clothing items. They just received the boxes in November and were so grateful.
After discussion between the two parishes, a scholarship committee was established in each parish. After creating guidelines and an application that was agreeable to both parishes, five hundred dollars was sent to provide scholarships to Pacuan high school students. The St. Vincent Ferrer Scholarship Committee selected 12 students who were given financial help to continue their education at the high school level. Many students, especially those from the poorer upper Barangays, do not stay in school because the family needs them to quit school and begin working to help with family finances.
St. Vincent parish has a very active youth group and they wanted to provide a retreat and activities for the youth of their parish in Pacuan as well as the small quasi parishes higher in the mountains. We sent a small donation to help with this as well as helping in future youth activities.
The most recent news is that up to 4 parishioners from our sister parish are working on a way tocome here in 2018! It is difficult for them to get visas and paperwork done, but we are helping them and praying once again that this dream may become a reality. Our hope is to have them with us this coming summer in June or July.
The Heart to Heart team has met twice to SKYPE with the St. Vincent parish. The
connections have not always been great; in fact, the first time we constantly kept
losing connection. So the team is working on that before we ask the whole St. Ignatius parish to join in seeing them along with us. It is a learning process and each time gets a bit better.
If you have any ideas or questions, please call Pam Petersen or Mari Arfsten.
You are welcome to come to any of our meetings which are held the second Sunday of every month between the 8:30 and 10:30 masses.
Thank you for your continued support and we ask for your prayers in helping to make it a reality to host visitors from our Sister Parish this coming summer!