Heart to Heart Sister Parish News

Over the past several years, St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Pacuan, Negros Oriental, Philippines has been building a new church. We have financially assisted with parts of the construction and some of the new furnishings. The new church is now com- plete and provides a beautiful place for many more people from across the mountain to attend Mass and other celebrations.

Over the past couple years, we have supported the Pacuan community by providing water filtration systems and offering education scholarships.

This past summer, we had been working with three individuals from St. Vincent Ferrer, assisting them to travel to Annandale. Late summer, we received word that most of them were denied delegation by the U.S. Embassy. We are disappointed that they will not be travelling to the U.S., but we need to trust in God’s greater plan.

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, we will hold our annual waffle breakfast fundraiser at St. Ignatius. Please join us!

Our Mission Team meets the second Sunday of the month, between masses, at 9:30 a.m., focusing on continual building of our relationship with our sister parish. We welcome all parish members to become involved in our activities.

We hope to send a 7th delegation to our sister parish in the near future, to join them in celebrating their accomplishment of becoming an official parish. If you are interested in traveling to our sister parish and/or attending our monthly meetings, contact Dennis Arfsten 320-492-1784 for more information.


Vision statement:

The St. Ignatius Sister Parish is a faith-filled community that responds to God’s gifts by sharing their Catholic faith through experiences, resources, communication and prayer in a global commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer in Pacuan, Philippines.


Mission statement:

The parish of St. Ignatius remains open to the solidarity and commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer parish through faith-sharing opportunities, collaboration, and communication. We share the understanding and acceptance of each other’s cultures through these experiences. We seek the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the commitment to nurture this relationship through delegation travel, correspondence, and faith sharing. This participation will contribute to the integration and universality of the Catholic Church.