Heart to Heart Sister Parish Community Minutes

Heart to Heart Sister Parish Activity Summary for 2018

Our parish continues to develop a relationship with our brothers and sisters from St. Vincent Ferrer in Pacuan, Philippines. Lilibeth broke her leg in a motorcycle acci- dent, but is healing and will be fine. She and Ronie are new grandparents! She sends greetings to St. Ignatius on behalf of their Sister Parish Committee.

Jennifer Filek went on a medical mission to the Philippines. She took an extra day to travel to Pacuan to bring greetings from St. Ignatius to the parishioners of St. Vincent. While there they discussed needs for continued growth between the par- ishes.

In 2017, twelve students were awarded a scholarship to continue their high school education. We await correspondence from those scholarship recipients before we continue this practice. Many of the children are forced to quit school because of the expense, so we hope to see this program continue.

Pictures of the water filters were shared. They are being used at their schools, clinic and hospital. Since many of their holding tanks are contaminated, we await the opportunity to share more information with them.
Our hope is to have a delegation come to St. Ignatius in 2019. It is very difficult for them to get visas and paperwork done, but we are beginning to work on a plan that would send a small delegation from St. Ignatius to Pacuan and return with them to St. Ignatius in August.

Thank you to all that came to our yearly fundraiser. Dad’s Famous Waffles were once again enjoyed by many. New officers for 2019-2020 are Mari Arfsten, John Tracy, Dennis Arfsten and Jessica Magrum.You are welcome to come to any of our meetings which are held the second Sunday of every month between the 8:30 and 10:30 masses. Thank you for your continued support and we ask for your prayers in helping to make it a reality to host visitors from our Sister Parish this summer!
Vision statement:

The St. Ignatius Sister Parish is a faith-filled community that responds to God’s gifts by sharing their Catholic faith through experiences, resources, communication and prayer in a global commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer in Pacuan, Philippines.


Mission statement:

The parish of St. Ignatius remains open to the solidarity and commitment with St. Vincent Ferrer parish through faith-sharing opportunities, collaboration, and communication. We share the understanding and acceptance of each other’s cultures through these experiences. We seek the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the commitment to nurture this relationship through delegation travel, correspondence, and faith sharing. This participation will contribute to the integration and universality of the Catholic Church.