Message from Father

Hello Everyone,

     I hope that you are doing well as we continue this season of Lent. I want-ed to highlight once again a great opportunity for us during this season of prayer and spiritual growth. On the weekend of March 19th-21st, we will be hosting the Forty Hours devotion. For those who are not familiar, this is a devotion that goes back to the Middle Ages where people would adore the Lord, present in the Eucharist, for forty consecutive hours in the church. Forty is a significant number in the Scriptures, as it can signify the forty hours the Lord spent in the tomb, forty hours that Christ fasted in the desert, and more.

   We are excited to work together as two parishes this year, Saint Ignatius and Saint Timothy’s. We will begin the devotion at Saint Timothy’s with an opening presentation by Monsignor Callaghan. We will have a speaker, Kristen Soley, who comes highly recommended, to give three presentations on Saturday at the two different parishes. There will be a special closing Mass at 4:00 P.M. on Sunday with Father Michael Becker, rector of Saint John Vianney seminary and former pastor of Saint Michael’s. There will be a number of hours of private, quiet prayer time and also different special communal prayer times, such as the “liturgy of the hours” that all clergy and religious are required to pray and the laity are encouraged to pray and also a holy hour with the youth group with special music and reflections. We realize that this is new to many or most of you. We will have guides and in-structions to any special communal prayer. There will be prayer aides availa-ble for the private prayer times as well.

   It would be wonderful to see many of you come to as many of the hours and events as possible. You will see the full schedule of events in the bulle-tin this weekend. I’m grateful to the parish councils of each parish for work-ing together and organizing and spearheading the details on this joint ven-ture. This would be a great “Lenten retreat” of sorts for you and your fami-ly. If you’re unable to attend many of the organized events, it’s also a great chance just to stop by and visit for a few minutes in prayer as you drive by one of the two churches. I will be posting more information on social media in the days ahead and hope you can all take advantage of this opportunity. We know how much the world, our families, and we ourselves need that peace, strength, wisdom, and love that comes from spending time in prayer and meditation with the Lord.

God bless all of you.

Father Meyer