Parish Council Meeting

June 19, 2014

Present: Father Victor, Connie Nelson, Dennis Arfsten, Jan Braun, John Tracy, Dianne Mosley, Chad Filek and Betty Stuhr, reporter.

Absent: Roger Millner, Ron Brown

Secretary Report: A motion was made by Dennis to approve the May 15 meeting minutes as presented and Jan seconded it.

Parish Festival Update

Diane updated the council on the following items:

Ron received dinner pricing from Red's Catering and recommends charging $10 per plate for adults and $6 per plate for children under 10. The council agreed on charging these prices.
Raffle tickets are selling, but if necessary, tickets will be sold every weekend in July.
Contacting the Catholic Spirit to see if we can publish the event in an upcoming issue.

Youth Minister Position

Father Victor will meet with Jenna Leighton on Tuesday, June 24, to officially get documents signed for the Youth Minister position. He will discuss the job description with her, Virtus training, etc. Jenna's tentative start date is Monday, July 7th.

Strategic Plan

Father Victor met with Diane Fornier and Peggy Jo and they organized and systemized a timeline for the strategic plan. Father acknowledged their professionalism and expertise. The parish council was supportive of the timeline and plan to meet on Wednesday, July 9, at 6:30 pm to structure a game plan. Father made the following comments/suggestions:

Will be easier for the new pastor with everything already structured
During the parish festival, suggest having laptops or hardcopy for congregation to complete survey
Insert Family Ministries into one the goals
Invite Peggy Jo and Diane Fournier to Parish Council planning meeting
Will review survey template from Archdiocese

Safety Training Guide

John didn't have any new updates since last meeting.

Graduation Mass

Council members gave high praise to the Millners, those who assisted with preparation of the breakfast and serving, and to Randa Glazier for the exceptional speech she gave to graduates on living the faith during the college years.

Job Descriptions

Father and John will review and update staff job descriptions. The employee handbook will reviewed and finalized as well.

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Father will cancel the trip planned for January 13-21. Since Father will no longer be able to lead parishioners on the pilgrimage, council members felt that it has lost its charm and would, therefore, not receive a good response from parishioners.

Mother's Room/Baptismal area

The area in the back of the pews will be closed off with some type of wall covering to give it a nice appearance and to use as a storage area. Shelving will be added and used to temporarily store environmental items.

Confirmation DVDs

Confirmation DVDs need to be converted to CDs. It is also time to research CCD faith formation educational program with Mary and decide if we should convert to a different program prior to the start of classes this fall.

Faith Formation

Jan updated the group on current activities:

Tickets have been purchased for Rediscover event in October
Beginning in July, a Smart TV fundraiser will be conducted. The goal is to reach $4,000 so that a new TV can be installed in all classrooms. Council members were in agreement with this initiative. Father suggested that we wait until August to begin due to the Strategic Plan endeavor.


A notice will be printed in the bulletin for volunteers to help weed and prune the gardens and shrubs on the church property.
Father's farewell reception will be on Sunday, July 20, following the 10:30 pm mass from 11:30 am to 2 pm. All past and current council members will be asked to provide an appetizer.

Social Concerns

The Social Concerns committee did not meet during this past month.
Love Inc. will be hosting a free breakfast for the underprivileged at Pioneer Park on August 23. Volunteers are needed to welcome and serve food.
Father Victor reported that the work we are doing with our Sister Parish is catching attention and the Archdiocese is interested in learning more of our processes and procedures.


Ron was absent from the meeting.


Chad will be meeting with Jerry concerning some updates needed in the Parish house.

Youth Ministry

Betty inquired about the youth minister's job description.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Safety Plan
Strategic Plan
Employment Policy

Next Meeting Date

Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 7 pm in the Gathering Space


John motioned to adjourn the meeting and Dennis seconded it.

Closing Prayer: Given by Father Victor

Parish Council members include:

St Ignatius Parish Council Meeting Minutes


The Parish Council and Trustees are the "voice" of the people of St. Ignatius; they assist Father Meyer and Father Andrew in their ministry by making them aware of the needs, ideas, concerns and dreams you have as parishioners, please feel free to contact any member and/or trustee.