Family Rules
Always Be Honest  Proverbs 12:22
Count Your Blessing  Psalms 34:1-3
Keep Your Promises  Romans 4:21
Comfort One Another  1 Thessalonians 4:18
and above all...Love One Another  1 Peter 1:22
Be Supportive of one Another  Acts 20:35
Be Kind and Tenderhearted  Ephesians 4:32


Father George’s Address in India. Father George has returned to his homeland. If you would like to send him a note, his address is printed below. We wish for him only the best in his retirement. Check with the Post Office for postal rates, it takes more than one stamp!
Fr. George Kallumkalkudy
Carmel Provincial House
P.O. Box No. 34
Muvattupuzha - 868 661

Weekly Meditation

  . . . . . so that you might imitate us.    (2 Thessalonians 3:9)

   Have you ever heard of mirror neurons? They’re those tiny little cells in our brains that fire up whenever we’re around someone else. Sometimes very faintly, but other times with great force, these neurons prompt us to imitate whomever we are with. When we see someone happy or sad or angry, it’s our mirror neurons that help us share in that person’s feelings and thoughts. These neurons offer scientific proof to Aristotle’s theory that we human beings are “the most imitative of all living creatures” (Poetics, IV). No wonder St. Paul told the Thessalonians that he and his companions tried to be role models! It was “so that you might imitate us,” he wrote (2 Thessalonians 3:9). Paul knew that the Thessalonians had a much better chance of staying close to the Lord if they saw other people trying to do the same thing. He knew that our environment can have a very strong effect on the ways we think, the values we adopt, and the priorities we set for our lives. This doesn’t mean that we are merely robots imitating everyone around us. We are still free human beings, each with our own unique personality. But it does mean that we meant to live in community. We need the example of fellow believers to help us grow in our faith. And just as important, our brothers and sisters need the witness of our faith for their growth. The more we see holiness in action, the more encouraged we will be to keep pursuing Jesus ourselves. Of course, we know who Jesus took as his role model. “A son cannot do anything on his own,” he told us, “but only what he sees his father do-ing” (John 5:19). Because Jesus kept his heart fixed on his heavenly Father, everything he said and did sprang from his Father’s goodness and love—even his self-sacrificial death on the cross. So do your mirror neurons a favor. Keep you eyes fixed on Jesus and your brothers and sister in Christ. “Jesus, help me to imitate you in all that I do.”

   “Jesus, help me to imitate you in all that I do.”

(November 2019 Edition/The Word Among Us)

5 Cardinal Rules for Life
1.)  Make peace with your it won’t disturb your present.

2.)  What other people think of none of your business.
3.)  Time heals almost everything....give it time.
4.)  No one is in charge of your happiness....except you.
5.)  Don’t compare your life to others.....and don’t judge them, you have no idea what their journey is all about.