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Father's Day Message

  Many men today are redefining what it means to father. They are intimately
involved in the raising of children and the responsibilities of family life,
navigating the competing demands of work and home with love.
How can we as a Church support their callings? What sources of inspiration
in our Catholic tradition offer ways to honor fathers?
Scripture holds tender images of fatherhood. Moses reminds the Israelites
that God is both fiercely protective and faithfully nurturing: “The Lord,
your God, who goes before you, is the one who will fight for you, just as he
acted with you before your very eyes in Egypt, as well as in the wilderness,
where you saw how the Lord, your God, carried you, as one carries his own
child, all along your journey until you arrived at this place” (Dt 1:30-31).
Saints give us real-life examples of fathers devoted to their families. St. Louis
Martin wrote letters to his daughters that reveal a hardworking, tenderhearted
parent: “If distance separates us a little, my heart is always close to
you. So don’t worry and don’t be sad my children….A thousand kisses to
everyone in my family. (Your father who loves you.)”
This Father’s Day, let us lift up the love of fathers.
Just as Mother’s Day calls us to widen our prayers to include all who mother,
let us pray for fatherhood in many shades and hues. Men who long to be
fathers. Fathers who have lost children. Children whose father has died. All
whose father was absent.
Fatherhood deserves to be supported with words of love and gratitude. In
contrast to the typical Father’s Day cards, Brother Mickey McGrath, of the
Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, paints lively, loving depictions of St. Joseph
with Jesus: feeding the baby in his workshop, holding the toddler Christ on
his lap, backpacking to Jerusalem with teenage Jesus. Colorful, imaginative
portraits that bring to life the affection of fatherhood.
Next to our sons’ toothbrushes in the bathroom sits a card with one of
these images of St, Joseph: sitting in a rocking chair, soothing the Christ
child to sleep. Years ago I placed it there in the hope it might be a quiet
reminder for our boys—just like their father’s tender love for them—of
what fatherhood means: everyday rhythms of love and duty, sacrifice & joy.
If our sons are called to become fathers, our prayer is that their church will
nurture them just like this: in prayer and sacrament, through scripture and
saints, with honor and hope. The same ways we can support fathers today.
(June 7, 2018 Catholic Spirit - Laura Kelly Fanucci column)

Father George’s Address in India
Father George has returned to his homeland. If you would like to send him
a note, his address is printed below. We wish for him only the best in his
retirement. Check with the Post Office for postal rates, it takes more than
one stamp!
Fr. George Kallumkalkudy
Carmel Provincial House
P.O. Box No. 34
Muvattupuzha - 868 661

Family Rules
Always Be Honest  Proverbs 12:22
Count Your Blessing  Psalms 34:1-3
Keep Your Promises  Romans 4:21
Comfort One Another  1 Thessalonians 4:18
and above all...Love One Another  1 Peter 1:22
Be Supportive of one Another  Acts 20:35
Be Kind and Tenderhearted  Ephesians 4:32