Mary Schumacher
Coordinator of Faith Formation
(K-6th Grade)
(320) 274-8828 ext. #24

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Youth Faith Formation & Youth Ministry  

Our Mission:

"... is to create a welcoming community for its youth and their friends that equip the youth to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, share the joy of The Lord, do everything in love, and challenge them to extend the love of Christ to the world ."

Our Coordinator:

Vacation Bible School July 17-20
We are in need of 1-2 adult leaders to help out. Watch the bulletin and your email for more information! If you are interested in helping please contact Mary at 320.274.8828 ext 24


Wednesday, October 7th. 

Mary has been working very hard putting a plan together that meets the guidelines from the Archdiocese, CDC and our state and still make it a welcoming and fun learning experience for our youth. No surprise that it will be different this year. There will be in-house classes with the option of learning from home. Each grade will be divided into two groups, each group will meet on alternate weeks. The plan is in the process of being distributed to all the parents who have youth signed up for classes and will also be posted in the church. It has been and will continue to be a challenge, but so worth it to see our youth learn and grow in their faith! Questions? Please contact Mary in the Youth Faith Formation Office 274-8828 ext. 24 or email


Classes 2020-2021

Looking for teachers.



Faith Formation Classes begin