Mary Schumacher
Coordinator of Faith Formation
(K-6th Grade)
(320) 274-8828 ext. #24

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Youth Faith Formation & Youth Ministry  


Our Mission:

"... is to create a welcoming community for its youth and their friends that equip the youth to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, share the joy of The Lord, do everything in love, and challenge them to extend the love of Christ to the world ."

Our Coordinator:



Vacation Bible School July 17-20
We are in need of 1-2 adult leaders to help out. Watch the bulletin and your email for more information! If you are interested in helping please contact Mary at 320.274.8828 ext 24


Food for Kids- February 19

Please begin helping your children earn and save their own money to give to this much needed mission. By working together as a family we are teaching our kids to help others. Keep in mind that some of the food we package will stay here in Annandale at the local food shelf. Please have your child decorate a container to keep the donations in and help them to make the choice to donate to this program. If every student in our program were to donate $25 we would have about $5,000. What a gift. We will accepting donations after Mass the closer we get to the event. Please keep this mission in your prayers and help our youth to package more meals than ever before...unfortunately it is needed more than ever before!

A Boutique 

A boutique of donated clothing and accessories for First Holy Communion age children (dresses, veils, suits, shoes) and for upcoming high school formal events (dresses, young men’s dress clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.) is planned. All items will be on a free will offering with all proceeds going to the Food for Kidz costs. If you have items to donate that are clean and in good condition, please contact Jackie Knowles by email or home 236-2233 or cell phone 612-518-0732. The boutique dates will be posted in a future bulletin. Any items are appreciated to support one of the youth’s fa-vorite events that gives so much to so many (Food for Kidz).